Don't judge me on this product post, guys. Just walk with me for the next 250 words or so and you'll see where I'm coming from. You guys might think tiny pouches like these are for Gandalf and dudes who sell twompers of weed at EDM festivals, but all the cool guys in Japan had these on the last time I was in town, which is starting to be so long ago that I can't even reliably assert that the tiny pouch fad is still going strong. When we first landed in Osaka, my cousin and I were like, "LOL What's up with all these tiny pouches on dudes?" But, after, like, only a week, we both wanted one. So we hit up Tokyu Hands and got ourselves some struggle pouches. SHIT WAS FIRE. I had my camera and maps and phone on me and my pockets weren't even full 'cause all that shit was dangling off my belt loop. The rest of the trip my cousin was extremely dubious at the prospects of my using this pouch once we touched down again in the states, but ya boy was determined. Based on that fire anecdote, I'm obviously all about this semi-purse life. OK, fine, I wore my shit exactly once back home. I took it off after a bum was like, "C',on, I know you got some extra change in your pouch!" But I'd be lying if I said I didn't really miss the convenience. I'm thinking about fucking around and making pouches cool. I mean, guys, we all wore tasseled loafers to work in cubicles for, like, a year straight. We can totally wear pouches. Especially expensive pouches from Porter.