Commissioned by Russian creative agency Instinct BBDO, London-based artist Rod Hunt has drawn an enormous image that showcases 10 different families and their unique apartments for a Russian IKEA ad campaign. The illustration has become wildly popular; it has spurred the creation of an interactive online game and inspired children’s author Grigory Oster to write a book. His story details the lives of 10 eccentric families and their ways of life. From the more mundane “Cooking Family” to the titillating and morbid “Darkness Loving Family,” each lifestyle comes with its own obstacles, which only the likes of IKEA can suitably solve. The chefs in the cooking clan require shelving units, a kitchen island, and plenty of counter space; the couch potatoes of the “Couch Family” need (duh) couches. Staged photographs accompany the imaginary families, making each lifestyle and its needs ever more real.

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[via Designboom]