The Museum of Arts and Design recently kicked off "NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial," and exhibition that "spotlights the creative communities thriving across the five boroughs." Featured in the exhibition is an installation by Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture at Large titled Stepin One 2, which is described in a press release as a "transcendental, otherworldly meeting place that in many ways pay homage to the evolution of NYC nightlife’s spirit and aesthetic into present day dance culture."

The installation is a nightclub environment that incorporates features that remind the viewer of a temple, including an "alter-like structure" with four steel and expanded metal columns that the artist says "command the energy of the space and along with the stair-cased perimeter, create a feeling of ascension." The use of purples and blues in the "are said to create an ethereal mood, while the patterns on the floors and walls alter one's perspective, design features that serve to "bring the viewer farther away from a fixed reality, into the fantasy and spectacle of optical illusion."

Check out the images of the installation above and head to the Architecture at Large website for more unique spaces.