Allow us to introduce you to a group of really talented Pratt Institute students. Hennessy V.S and Pratt Institute teamed up for another art and design competition called the Wild Rabbit Challenge, and they just announced the winners earlier this week. The competition asked 10 Pratt graduate students to create their vision of a Wild Rabbit, which is the Hennessy V.S campaign's embodiment of our inner drive that keeps things moving.

Eduardo Palma won the challenge with an interactive installation inspired by his home land of Colombia. It also stems from his wish to affect culture through language. The second and third place winners were Eden Daniell and Lillian Ling. Daniell designed a series of exquisite rings that open up to reveal a concealed drawing. Ling based her project "Necessary Tools for a Revolution" off a game of rock, paper, scissors and her own will to continue struggling and never settling. The three winners' artwork will be on display at the Hennessy Never stop. Never settle Salon in Los Angeles. 

Other participating students include Kristin Myers, Jiajia Jin, Jared Weitzman, Robert Wilson, Sharon Holck, and Shuoyuan Bai. Myers made a series of empowering posters and a motion piece, Jin created an art installation dedicated to everyday heroes. Weitzman painted a vibrant mural for Hennessy. Wilson revamped a vending machine to distribute his handmade art books. Holck played with exposure and photographed a series of images depicting household items. Last but not least, Bai created a cement, lion talisman brooch. Click through to see all the talented artists and their creations. 

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