Shutterstock is a photo service that compiles millions of stock photographs, which are meant to represent a whole variety of subjects and situations. Because they're so generic, they are oftentimes simply ridiculous-looking. Shutterstock tags each photo with meta-data, meaning you can search for terms like "man tying shoes," or "cutting vegetables," or, in this case, "streetwear," and find pictures that purportedly represent what you're looking for.

With over 30 million photos in its database, the huge amount of photos in Shutterstock offer a nice slice of the stereotypes that photographers and users assign to various notions and subjects. For no reason at all, we decided to take a look at how streetwear is featured. After searching both "streetwear" and "street wear," we scrolled through a mass of both hilarious, terrible, and sad representations of the sartorial genre, complete with amazing titles. If you're in need of a decent laugh, then check out The Most Outrageous "Streetwear" Photos on Shutterstock.

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