Since we hit you with the recap already, let's take a look at how Our Legacy's watercolor collection looks on an actual, real live human person. Seriously, if you didn't have the opportunity to try on those crinkled up shirts, would you even consider them? They're clearly fire when actually worn, but on a hanger? They weird, yo. So, even though you're not living a life as chill as the blonde dude in the Our Legacy S/S 15 lookbook, whose name MUST be Klaus and definitely sparked up a super dust blunt before the shoot, you can try. Seriously, peep dude's squat game. Homie just set his mark to leap up and steal your girl when you least expect it. This guy is so terminally chill that the flames on his arms don't even phase him. Wow, what a fucking legend.

On a semi-serious note: What's crazy about Our Legacy is Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin's ability to drop turbo weirdo garments while still crafting dope suiting to get you through award season. You do want to go to award shows, don't you? I'm just ready for some A-lister like Gos Gawd to rep the brand on E! and the Tumblr #menswear thirst mongers to lap it up as if it were manna from heaven.