It wouldn’t be incorrect to call Brandan “bmike” Odums an “artist,” yet his work seems to beg for a more all-encompassing descriptor. As the founder and director of 2-Cent Entertainment, a youth organization that bridges the gap between pop culture and social awareness, Odums uses art as a tool for activism. Working in a variety of media, Odums has used both the lens of his video camera and the nozzle of a spray paint can to highlight the challenges of modern-day New Orleans. In 2013 he gained nationwide attention for "Project Be (#ProjectBe)," a series of graffiti murals depicting iconic African American civil rights crusaders that he painted on the sly on the walls of a soon-to-be-demolished-and-rebuilt public housing complex in the 9th Ward. Odums is as dedicated to honing his own art as he is to empowering the city’s youth to channel their creativity into positive projects, which bodes well for the next generation of NOLA artists.