Needles, an in-house Nepenthes label, was born out of designer Keizo Shimizu's frustrations of not being able to find the product he wanted to carry at Nepenthes, the distributor he founded in 1988 and opened as a store in Japan the following year. As such, the collections are created from Shimizu's personal viewpoint. They're quirky takes on Old West, military, and athletic garments that offer new materials and patterns. 

For spring 2015, Shimizu took inspiration from 1970s American sportswear, with a focus on Southern California and Mexico, as well as James Taylor's album Gorilla. Denim, relaxed suits, sportswear, and pieces from Rebuild by Needless make up the impressive collection. As with previous offerings, there's a focus on details, as subtle as they may be. Basically, these are the pieces you wear if you want to let everyone know you're way ahead of the game.