Munsoo Kwon describes its spring/summer 2015 collection as a “kite flies over Han River on a lazy afternoon.” Now, we’re not quite sure what that means, but the resulting range is nothing less than aces.

Inspired by the Han River setting in Seoul, the Korean-based label has presented a versatile range that appeals to your dapper and street sensibilities. You have your suit jacket and bomber jacket, your patterned button-up and your baseball jersey, your cropped trousers and athletic-inspired shorts—basically everything you need for spring/summer wardrobe.

The liberal use of lines, patterns, and rare hemlines reference the architectural details of the buildings and bridges that are situated along the river; while the subtle color palette nods to the natural waterfront scenery.

Check out the lookbook in the images above, and be sure to pick up your favorite items at Munsoo Kwon’s select retailers.