If you often find yourself complaining that no one understands you, then you should buy this lamp. The Mood Lamp by Italian developer Vittorio Cuculo knows how you feel and empathizes with you by changing colors. This real life sci-fi illuminator was born when Cuculo hooked up an IKEA lamp to a computer that was equipped with facial recognition software. The result was a lamp that has the ability to recognize emotional states.

Cuculo says the aim of this awesome life hack is to “remove the mediation between human and machine typical of classic interfaces.” While such human-machine interplay is usually characterized by verbal or gesture-based commands, the Mood Lamp responds to non-verbal forms of communication.

The high-tech system requires a web cam that can capture the owner’s face. With the help of OpenCV image processing, facial expressions are processed, analyzed, and translated into signals.

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[via psfk