But seriously. Even Bastian himself says it: "There is something about the Sonoran Desert [in Arizona] that allows me to turn my brain off and really relax." Not only that, but classic dad band The Eagles played an integral role in inspiring S/S 15 as well, and, let's be honest, if you're listening to The Eagles anywhere west of Kansas, you may as well be on a vision quest heading straight to Hotel California because the last half of your life is going to be an endless guitar solo, just like the fucking song. There are some pretty dope strokes of brilliance in here though. The trucker with slanted jetted patch pockets puts pops's Lee to shame and flips the classic Wrangler "W" upside down into an "M" because Michael. Genius! And the bleached western shirt feels like budget Vis, even though at Bastian prices it's more like 20% off Vis. If you're as fit as the MB's models you can even join the elite ranks of Speedo Gang™. We meet every Saturday night in the Meatpacking District.