Wood Wood co-opted one of our favorite phrases/philosophical truths here at Four Pins for S/S 15. The "NTBT" motif seen throughout the collection stands for "not to be trusted" and, frankly, if you can't get behind this stuff, well, you probably fall under the NTBT umbrella yourself. So, I could spend the rest of this post telling you in detail you how I smashed an entire Little Caesar's pizza for dinner last night and you'd still know the line is thoroughly good. But I'm a man of the people, so I won't subject you to that. Also, W.W. is another brand from Denmark. What the fuck sort of sorcery is happening overseas to turn out so many hot labels? Seriously though, does anybody know?

The brand hones in on its street-conscious with precision thanks to brash graphics, plus it's always sick when a tee has the name of a famous artist on it, even if you can't translate the rest. Amidst the mostly navy color palette, Wood Wood mixed in some Thom Browne-esque plaids and high school scarlet reds. The whole collection has an air of The Warriors, with the mechanic's jacket and the astute replication of a letterman varsity jacket, which makes it perfect for getting into a rumble outside Mario's Pizza where the Sharks and Jets hang out every Friday night. Don't they know they're on your turf? Get some bottles and smash some fucking skulls, bro.