This goes without saying, but I'll restate it for anyone unaware: One of the many great things about market week is the exposure to new brands. Sure, we can wax poetic about the likes of Mark McNairy or explain why Maharishi is military fashion's greatest ambassador, but there are always some surprises. In its first season at Capsule, Taiwan-based brand Outerboro showed us how to do solid commuter style with bonus points for not reminding us of Levi's half-assed effort. I don't care how stretchy the pants are, or how padded they are around the taint, that alone does not satisfy the support my gennies need in their darkest hour, as they sway back and forth on the way to the office. Outerboro dropped in hidden-seam chest pockets on its S/S 15 shirting for more secure knickknacks and ventilated underarm patches for when the strongest antiperspirant won't dehumidify your pits. Each item is light enough to leave you unencumbered, but substantial enough to shield out pesky weather patterns.