For accessible as Our Legacy has become—a decade old now and stocked in stores around the world—the Swedish label doesn't make clothes for a wide audience or the newly fashion initiated. The S/S 15 collection embodies an approach to fashion in a roundabout way: zippers replace buttons on shirting and patterns verge on water-colored aquatic tones rather than high-contrast shades. Wrinkled up shirts (a strong presence at market week) are placed between rich cowhide jackets and hefty, yet stretchable knits. A few crews and tees boast a flame pattern that would look at home on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game of Death and windbreaker material finds its way onto long tees with huge, zippered pouches on the chest. Baby collars make an appearance (on popovers with zippers rather than buttons, no less), but are so miniscule when compared to renditions in fashion's past that they feel downright wearable. Just turn them up and proceed to turn up. Each piece possessed its own unique texture, from fluffy towel shirts to leather so stiff it must have come straight off the cow. We showed you the brand's F/W 14 lookbook already, and the line on display this week continues that off-balance weirdness Our Legacy is so proficient at in truly authentic, creative, non-manufactured ways. Too bad we have to wait months before this civilization destroying, Krakatoa-Pompeii level collection hits stores.