Nanamica means "house of the seven seas." Just wanted to let you know that. So if you leave this post unsatisfied (which you definitely won't), at least you'll have learned something. The Japanese brand known for its outerwear brought out a selection of rain-inspired gear for S/S 15. Shades of blue and white own most of the line and channels a relaxed, country club feel with cricket sweaters and polo shirts, but doesn't forgo the utility of water-repellent polyester and canvas for an afternoon out on the links. On the other side of the color wheel, there's red to pair with your blue so you look like Paddington Bear (an undercover style icon if there ever was one, wow what a fucking legend). But even the designers are on board with the white-on-white movement. In the press materials we snagged before we left, they encourage the look: "All-white coordination would be nice as it appears in many items." We're with you, Nanamica, we're with you.