One of the OGs of the Capsule scene, Mark McNairy once again strolled through the show with his signature brand of fuck you fashion. Mark's S/S 15 collection has a little bit of everything: T shirts with ironic phrases straight out of your local Spencer's (if that particular location hasn't shut it all down), button-up shirts with stitched-on balloons, the usual camo pieces and stomping footwear. We already know McNairy likes to have fun with his designs and his latest collection continues the trend. Some of the offbeat pieces, even by McNairy standards—like the matching shirt/short set tie-dyed with your parents' leftover acid tabs and Woodstock dreams—add some colorful spice to the already turnt up color palette. For your safety though, you may want to take a sip of molly water before you slip on the perforated, floral the tanks with "Nixon," "Flower Power" and "Saigon" printed across the chest. Just a thought.