With Maharishi, one can usually expect a few tiny, zippered pockets, ventilated patches on the sides of a shirt and some elastic pull-cords here and there. This season, Maharishi did a little of this and a little of that, combined some of the technical Easter eggs we're used to and dug into the archives for more repro vibes. We thought camo bit the dust last year, but Maharishi is keeping it around just a little bit longer with an authentic take on the pattern, using reconstructed vintage fabric to put together a crazy fishtail bomber and patterned shades of green in a tessellation that keeps the military jacket from veering into PTSD-stricken Vietnam vet territory. Amongst the tech-ier pieces are lightweight parkas in navy and Arctic/Siberian white, patched up MA-1 bombers, MA-1 trucker-bomber hybrids and lightweight shirting with enough hidden storage that even we couldn't find all the pockets. Maharishi S/S 15 came wildly correct with something for the techheads, the Engineered Garments-inspired and everyone in between.