Han Kjobenhavn is a brand that cannot be stopped. The label, which recently opened its doors in New York on Prince, has once again come correct with a killer collection for S/S 15. Dubbed "A Rainy Summer in July," the collection channels the crummy fucking weather that Copenhagen goes through every summer, hence the lightning bolt/raindrop/umbrella graphic motifs and the color palette, consisting mostly of navy, gray and black. It isn't completely neutral though, mixing in some darkened reds and greens to match the surprisingly sullen environment over there in Denmark. Of course, having started as an eyewear company, Han showed off a couple new models and colors to go along with its apparel. Like most of our favorite brands, Han skews just off the beaten path—somewhere between streetwear and traditional sportswear—enough to be interesting without embarrassingly crazy and their latest collection sums that up pretty well.