Online fashion is great because half the time we read about labels we think we know how to pronounce and then when we hear them said in real life we come to the convenient conclusion that we were dead fucking wrong. Do you know how to pronounce "Diemme"? I've heard, like, three completely different pronunciations recently. I always thought it was "dee-ehm." So, to obviously sound as smart as humanly possible around my fashion nerd friends, I bit the bullet and asked the guys at Capsule. Apparently, it's "dee-ehm-uh." Granted, that tentative sounding "uh" at the end doesn't take anything away from the fire footwear the brand makes, including the new collection it showed this market week.

The Italian-made boots and sneakers are luxury foot fortresses. My Diemmes feel like they're made of fucking Kevlar or some shit and could take a few bullets before they reach my feet. For S/S 15, you can see the high-fashion inspiration leaking into the brand's typically industrious designs. The high-top zip sneakers looks straight out of an Ann D. or Rick Owens lookbook, while the weaved-to-death models are Celine to a T. Sleeve worn inspiration aside, you can bet your ass Diemme's quality is likely the best hands down at their pricepoint. The crazy hyped, illegal in California python slip-ons are back again in lighter shades for the summer sun and the signature hi and low Marosticas get some deep green and cream colorways. And never one to shy away from their rugged history, Diemme also dropped some thick rubber uppers to make sure that even in the swampiest climates the weather can't stop, won't stop your shoe game shine.