When it's hot out, every style writer tells you to wear light fabrics. I mean, just ask our boy Dave Infante. Listen though, if you're wearing seersucker, you have two options: 1. Look like a goddamn fool dancing your ass off at a southern wedding, or 2. Ball the fuck out in a navy seersucker M-65 from AXS Folk Technology. Oh, and you might as well go turbo and get the matching pants too. We're trying to ride out the full-on fashion uniform of matching tops with bottoms over here. If you can't co-opt another culture as a part of the Cultural Appropriation Noragi Movement™, get AXS's cardiragi that bridges the gap for you. And when you need extra pocket storage, opt for the large-pocketed shorts. Then, when your girlfriend inevitably dumps you for not having enough cash to take her out—though your pockets would ironically imply you have loads of it—cop the Zubaz-looking sweats. AXS really knows the progression for us nerds: Get money, spend it on jawnz, immediately get dumped, grieve by spend more money on jawnz. Ah, the perpetual cycle is sweet, isn't it?