You don't earn the nickname Lord Disick just by using a ballin' photo of yourself on Twitter. It might help to add the caption "Lord Disick bitch," but for Scott Disick, everyone's favorite Kardashian boyfriend, the title is more than just a nickname, it's a lifestyle. Recently, Disick posted his summer essentials onto Snupps, and his choices were, well, pretty much what you'd expect from him. 

Disick listed a $34,000 Rolex Yacht Master II, a $400,000 Lamborghini, a set of Louis Vuitton luggage worth around $20,000, a pair of customized "Lord Disick" swim trunks, and Garret Leight sunglasses as essentials. Most people would have sunscreen, a towel, and a snapback on their summer necessities. But most people aren't lords, which is why this more than $450,000 essentials list is so outrageous and so fitting for Disick's persona.

[via Esquire]