The digital age has brought with it many advantages, but it hasn’t been without its casualties: film is dying. While digital photography offers people a cheap and easy way to immortalize memories and share them instantly with friends and family, it’s just not as great at capturing the world as film is.

“We try so hard to mimic film, spending countless hours in Photoshop and millions of dollars in apps. But it never comes out right. With digital every preset, every filter is the same. Film is not limited to bits. It’s not held back by ones and zeroes. Film can be random. Chaotic.”

This is how Matthew Cetta has described the difference between film and digital photography, and the driving reason behind his Kickstarter project, simply called "Film."

“'Film' is film modified in the cassette that can be shot in any camera that shoots 35mm,” the New Jersey-based artist explains. He modified the film in several fun ways: he used household chemicals like ammonia, Drano, and lemon juice to emulsify the images, giving them a dream-like quality; he also boiled some film rolls and electrified others. None of the film rolls are the same, giving the images a unique look that can’t be achieved by even the savviest of Instagram users.

Cetta’s goal is to bring his rolls of "Film" to the market, so people can create unique images that can't be achieved with a digital camera. Check out his Kickstarter page to find out how to bring this noble project to life.

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