Four Horseman got on our radar for making some v affordable, v dope long shirts. They've stayed on our radar by continuing to make and sell cool stuff. And their S/S 14 lookbook showcases the shop's eponymous label, but also the likes of Our Legacy, John Elliot, AXS Folk Technology and more. I like lo-fi lookbooks like this. I've never been to Victoria, British Columbia, but it seems like my kind of town. Except the karaoke part. Karaoke is like my seventh level of hell. In law school everyone would always go to this karaoke night on Tuesdays, but instead of singing I would just get super blotto and eat onion rings. This one particular night, this girl tried to get me to sing a duet with her and I was like, "Nah, boo." Only later did I regret that maneuver because this other dude told me that it was her overture to me 'cause she was kinda feeling ya boy. Damn, a missed connection for sure, but, then again, who the fuck uses karaoke as an ice breaker? I was knee deep in Hefeweizen and onion rings. All she had to say was like, "Hey guy, I like the way you stimulate me intellectually and physically. Let's go get some late night coney dogs." But instead she tried to get me to sing some fucking Eagles song with her. You know what? Fuck it. I don't regret that move one bit. Those onion rings were fan-fucking-tastic.