Brooklyn-based audiovisual artist Joanie Lemercier has been blowing viewers away at Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology with his incredible installation Nimbes. Employing laser scanning, CGI, and projection mapping, he has created an immersive virtual universe of constellations, urban centers, and rural pastures. Audiences take in the spectacular show on a 60-foot screen. The visual project is 15 minutes of dazzling imagery set to the music of James Ginzburg and features footage from the US, Southeast Asia, and everywhere in between.

“The audience is at the center of the space, and the universe unfolds in front of their eyes,” Lemercier says. “It starts out with stars, which connect to make constellations. The constellations become mountains and landscapes, and viewers are taken on a journey, discovering nature and architecture.”

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[via Juxtapoz]