Learning Korean is one of those things I'd really like to do, but will definitely never actually get around to doing, like learning to ride horses or moving out of my mom's basement.

Sewing Boundaries are a Seoul-based garm zaibatsu founded in 2013 by Dong Ho Ha. They specialize in all that shit we like to talk about here on the Pinz: elongation, collarlessness and hyper-advanced hemline maneuvers.

They're not actually a zaibatsu (obviously) and I'm fully aware that there are gaping differences between Japanese and Korean cultures/languages, which make my original metaphor pretty ignorant (and probably borderline offensive to the more sensitive of vegan thugs amongst you), but I'm going to commit to it because "zaibatsu" is a hella cool word and maybe by now you've Googled its definition and learned something new. Don't say I don't give back to my community.

There are heaps of wave-inducing pieces in the store and, instead of writing about them all individually over a period of time, I'm just going to get my longform on, throw a few of the best picks into this here article and let you do the dirty work of deciding which you can't afford to cop.

First up, this chambray long shirt. Oversized? Check. Collarless neck with a drawstring adjust? Double check. The classic "mullet" hem that's arced at the front and straight at the back? Triple double, no assist. Yes, I just coined that "mullet" term and, yes, I expect it to stick (see: "emo cholo"). The buttons are weirdly, but well-spaced with that v rare gap between the bottom and hem. All these cool and interesting features and more for just 108,000원 Korean Won. That's, like, $105 aka $200 after shipping and import fees. Wear it at Pitti and be one of those dudes who gets snapped below the neck because you're mug is wild ugly lmao.

Another oversized shirt! Wow, I'm so boring, right?! Fuck off, you ungrateful little shits. This thing is totally different from the aforementioned chambray jointure. Firstly, it's white. THAT WAS YOUR FIRST MISTAKE. Even if it was the exact same garm except white, it'd totally warrant a separate write up. BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME. This thing is more like that EG tunic you pussied out of buying because the weird half-placket formation was too much ethnic for you to handle. This one is holding down the standard placket, with no exoticity around the neck like the aforementioned EG heat. (Self thoughts: Wow, "exoticity" is apparently a word. I'm not even mad it didn't underline red squiggle after typing. LOL my life is so tight). This shirt, again, features those tight frontal arced hems, but no mullet job this time. No, it's party on both sides with a wild fishtail type venture around the butt. Cool.

YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GO ALL IN ON ANOTHER SHIRT, RIGHT? You don't know me and you should stop trying to know me.

This elongated blazer is super #menswear. It's strutting around all sassy and whatnot with that J. Crew-looking embroidery except, instead of hashtags, it's little dudes holding fancy umbrellas, no Rihanna. Now seriously, I'm not normally one to fuck with this type of shit, but I'm way too in love with the brand as a whole to not also want this thing. It comes in black (with black embroidery), which I would definitely recommend over the green endeavor unless the rest of your Alphetapedia™ compliments the color and style.

Oh, did I mention that the Sewing Boundaries site is exclusively in Korean? I remember now, that's where I was going with that first sentence! Whatever, I'm sure you'll find a way to navigate the checkout page with the ill Chrome translation widget. If you're thirsty enough, anything is possible.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned writer. I guess you could say that he started from the bottom. Haha, that's the spot. You can follow him on Twitter here.