Even though Kanye West is a huge celebrity with masterfully designed tours, enough accolades to make him an icon, and possibly a $500,000 body double for his daughter, North, maybe he isn't so different from you and me after all. He does the dishes, vacuums his living room, and tends to his garden. Well, at least he does in Phoenix Trinidad's hilarious series of illustrations.

Trinidad, a digital media design student in Melbourne, Australia, imagined Yeezy doing normal people things in the comfort of what looks like a suburban American home. It's hard to imagine the rapper changing diapers or slaving away in the kitchen in his minimalist New York apartment, let alone in Trinidad's design desert. Maybe the illustrations would be more realistic if Kanye were running his vacuum under a Le Corbusier chair.

It seems like artists can't resist dreaming up what Kanye would look like if he were an Average Joe. Previously, Alison Jackson staged photos with Kimye lookalikes honeymooning in a campervan: