Hey are you guys tired of hearing about Aime Leon Dore? SUCK A LEMON HATERZ. Cause I’m here to write to you about the bags ALD did with Frank Clegg. The two bags, a backpack and a tote are available now. I would fuck with that backpack very heavily on a weekend trip to New York. Weekend trips to New York are awesome because you don’t have to see anyone you know because you’re only there for, like, 48 hours. So instead, you spend the whole time drinking really good coffee by yourself, going to museums by yourself in the middle of the day, ordering seamless at 12:45 am by yourself. Fuck, NYC is amazing when you’re by yourself. I recommend buying yourself a fancy backpack or tote like these and going to your local museum and/or really old, really big public library. Your giant, natural canvas backpack will catch the eye of a comely young woman who frequents museums and libraries. You will make eye contact, but you’ll break it first because you’re a coward. Then you’ll look back up and she’ll have returned to whatever dissertation or Etsy project she’s working on and you’ll linger because you know if you smile and she smiles back that you could definitely, probably, maybe walk over and say something clever. But instead of looking back up, she just puts her headphones in and all you’re left with are your racing, unrequited feelings and a fancy backpack. But take solace, for that backpack probably holds a really delicious snack. If you don’t keep delicious snacks in your backpack to counteract the soul-destroying experience of trying to hit on girls without hitting on them while they are trying to enjoy a museum, I don’t know why you even carry a backpack.