According to the New York Post, Queens graffiti artist Jason Wulf (aka DG) was found dead last week at the 25th Street Station in Brooklyn. The cause of death was electrocution by third rail and the MTA are reportedly investigating the accident.

DG supporters allegedly began tagging his initials at the subway station where he was found and at various other stations around the city. A funeral fund was set up in DG's honor via Give Forward, and it reached its $10,000 goal in one day. Bucky Turco of ANIMAL said of the late artist: "DG was able to pull off what many of his fellow writers couldn’t: Create a body of artwork that is intrinsically graffiti, but not a redundant reiteration of his work on the street. Despite his outpouring of creativity, he never embraced the art world or graffiti circuit. Although he sold canvasses, he represented that older school breed of graffiti writer who had no interest in mainstream recognition."

Funeral services for DG will be held today at the Seneca Chapels in Queens.

[via New York Post]