Aside from the tremendous products and selection as one of the best stores you might not know, Totokaelo in Seattle is also awesome because it feels like you're getting to know the models they use for all their items. I was looking at a Dries denim trucker on their website a few days ago and under "size and fit" it basically gave me the rundown on "Josh," who was modeling it. It listed his height, weight, favorite movie, waist, best book he's ever read, chest, hometown and inseam. OK, I may have made a couple of those up. Who knows, maybe I didn't. Really though, this is going to reach a point where I'll look at the photo and know what size will fit me in seconds. For this Jil Sander sweater it's Dimitrij, who with that silent "j" at the end of his name has to be full-blooded Russian. Most important: the dope, slanted, crop circle-esque details on the raglan sleeves that extend past the shoulder and onto the chest and back. It's like you have a personal bonsai garden on your body to keep you centered. This sweater will give you the serenity to accept the jawnz you cannot cop, the courage to cop the jawnz you can and wisdom to know the difference.