If the name doesn't sound familiar, just know that the Moscow-based retailer FOTT (which grew out of the forum of the same name) carries seriously dope brands, including quite a few from Japan. In the shop's latest lookbook, appropriately titled "Big in Japan," FOTT put together a series of images that might make you cash in your frequent flyer miles to take a trip to Moscow.

Outerwear, button-down shirts, shorts, and a few pieces injected with prints from Engineered Garments, nanamica, and Battenwear are just some of the highlights in this lookbook. All of that against the sick Moscow desert scenery will make you want to do two things: part with your hard-earned money for pieces from these Japanese brands and book a flight ASAP. 

Check out the visual above and hit up FOTT's online shop if you like what you see.