Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. has more to say about the way women dress. And it's kind of pissing people off.

“I just think in society today, how women dress—you know a lot of men come at women inappropriate,” he told MadameNoir.com. “So, I think women need to tighten their game up. It’s more of having respect for yourself. Less is not always sexy or classy." 

A lot of people, men and women, have responded that Mayweather shouldn't judge or shame women based on how they choose to dress.

If you recall, Floyd upset some of his female fans on Instagram when he shared similar sentiments a few weeks ago. The post read: 

But the champ didn't just single out women. He also said that guys "need to dress more appropriate as far as pulling their pants up, pulling their jeans up." 

Look for the champ to keep his winning streak alive against Marcos Maidana on September 13. 

[via Atlanta Daily World