“There is meant to be a bit of magic here,” says New York-based photographer Jeremy Floto, “something counter to our daily experience of the world."

Floto and his wife, Cassandra Warner, are not only marital partners but business partners. Their company, Floto+Warner Studio, recently released photos from their latest project “Colourant.” This effervescent series is meant to capture the essence of photography, to show people a kind of beauty that exists in the world but only lasts for a fraction of a second; it’s gone before the human eye can take it in.

Each image features a bright splash of color suspended against a bleak-looking landscape. The couple claims that Photoshop was not used in the creation of these images. Instead, they use a camera with a high-speed shutter, one capable of capturing images every 1/3,200th of a second. The resulting photos reveal what happens when liquids engage in a battle with gravity.

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[via HuffPo]