You already know this cream/beige/ivory Cruzer jacket by Post Overalls is on sale. According to the sale text, it's €139 for non-EU shipping destinations. That is stupidly unfair, so fuck you guys. Nah, I'm just playing. You'll get fiscally assaulted on those import fees lol. We don't pay that shit when we buy from within the EU. Yep, correctamundo, if I buy some shit from Tres Bien or wherever, I don't pay import fees. Suck it.

The jacket has lots of really cool asymmetrical frontal pocketing and even cooler caramel colored buttons. And the top button is a shorter distance from the second button than the other buttons are, which my ridiculous, nonsensical way of saying this shit is mad cool. It's also made in America, so you can justify spending that guap you don't have by telling yourself you're propping up the waning US economy.

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