Daiki Suzuki is one of the true meswear masters of our time. Only Suzuki is capable of introducing new, challenging silhouettes with little to no introduction so goddamn successfully. We may talk of directional European designers or high-concept runway shows and presentations, but the one figure in this unforgiving menswear landscape that can move mountains—that can get men to really change the way they dress—is Daiki Suzuki. Suzuki seems to be extremely self-aware of this fact, being quoted as saying, "This is something nobody else can do. Only I can do this." WOW. WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND. But enough praise—enough teasing introduction.

WE GOT THAT NEW ENGINEERED GARMENTS S/S 15 COLLECTION. When Daiki drops a collection I feel exactly like a drug addict when a new synthetic future drug is introduced to the streets by a cynical and slightly corrupt government agency. This S/S 15 collection, like all EG collections, features old staples as well as new cuts and garments. The loose, all over print pants gathered at the ankles? HOW CAN DAIKI CHANNEL THE WORST PARTS OF PATAGONIA AND YOGA AND MAKE THEM SO FUCKING COOL? You best believe I'm wearing Aladdin's pants and a Bedford jacket with a big ass hat to brunch next summer. Also, I'm probably gonna wear long shirts underneath a sweater vest at some point. You've been warned. The tones of this collection are great, but instead of "khaki," I'm calling these washed out, dusty earth tones, "heron brown" because I'm super over saying "coke white."

It sucks to have to wait so long to see more lookbooks and editorials featuring the Engineered Garments S/S 15 collection, but if you look at some of the S/S 14 stuff on sale now you can probably try and recreate some of these looks asap. But don't be bummed if some of your new EG inspiration ends up making you look like a bad William S. Burroughs in Algiers by way of Calcutta trying to score some dope costumes. But I guess that’s the genius behind Engineered Garments: It challenges us to dress a little weirder.