Obviously, I really like caps. I don't like calling them "caps" though because in my mind "hat" sounds way better. Personal predilections aside, this AMI melton wool hat is a hat that I would totally buy if I was looking for a hat to buy. Back in the day, my cousin and I were obsessed with obtaining as many monochromatic hats as possible. Granted, this was before the Internet and even stores like Lidz, and we also couldn't drive because we were, like, 12, so we could only look for fly monochromatic joints wherever our parents happened to drag us. Anyways, one time we were at the Gibraltar Trade Center and the stall that sold airbrushed tees had started selling customized hats. My cous copped black and red hat and I copped navy and green. SHIT. WAS. DOPE. Everyone at school was like, "Damn, Jon, how'd you get a blank hat?" Anyways, that's the long, drawn out psychological justification as to why I would pay 69 Great British Pounds for this predominantly blank wool hat.