I'm never going to stop telling you guys you to start embracing cardigans. We been had weird hemlines, so now we need something sensible to layer over it when it starts to get chilly out. I'm all about cardigans because they're like jackets, but way lighter. And they still have pockets! Cardigan pockets are a weird ecosystem of really stale cough drops and random seating assignment cards. Like, I don't even own any cough drops, but all of my cardigans have at least one Ricola from 2008 in the pockets. Wear this Blue Blue joint with your favorite gray tall tee. I would suggest what pants and shoes to wear, but, let's be honest, we all just wear the exact same pair of pants and sneakers, like, 4.5 days out of the week. Yeah, so just wear that. Also, you could throw on a pair of short shorts for some Dickie Greenleaf steez if you're feeling talented.