Deluxe designer Hideki Kimura has always had a fascination with American styles, and his collections are often made up of tailored garments with nods to streetwear. Kimura continues to deliver just that for fall/winter 2014. 

The upcoming collection includes pieces like, a deep indigo chore coat and cream-colored denim jacket with a perfectly-suited tan, suede collar. Streetwear staples, such as a the wool and leather letterman jacket and navy blue puffer vest, are also thrown in the mix. Of course, it wouldn't be fall without a bomber, and Deluxe does its own version of the MA-1 jacket in olive green and with a slightly slimmer fit than standard flight jackets. 

If you like what you hear, the good news is Deluxe is actually one of the Japanese brands you can buy in North America

Keep an eye out for the drop later this year.