We aren't The Watch Guys™. That would be Clymer tha gawd. I cannot tell you the merits or demerits of quartz movements or sapphire glass. I've had a $30 Timex with a faux gator strap for about as far as my memory banks will go back. That can probably tell you how country bumpkin my accessories game is. But this Daniel Wellington piece is making me finally consider dropping more than a bill on some wristwear. TBH, I spend $235 without thinking about it because it's nothing to stunt, so this is totally in my price range. Plus, ever since Pusha T said, "Matchin' Daytonas/Rose gold on 'em" on, I've wanted some rose gold trimmed accessories. And that came out two years ago lol! It's been a journey, I know. I'm not even sure if rose gold is effeminate either. It feels like it could be. But I've got really dainty wristicles, so it wouldn't be that out of place. I only wear a watch as a subtle flex that I grew up and learned how to tell analog time anyway. Some people still can't do that I bet. Can you even believe that shit? I've seen kids on the streets of New York completely unable to tell the time. Imagine if they tried to read this thing! It doesn't even have numbers! They couldn't do it. No way, Jose.