A self-depreciating British woman has taken celebrity obsession to a whole new level.

Twenty-four-year-old Claire Leeson has made global headlines after she reportedly dropped an obscene amount of guap in an effort to look like a low-budget Kim Kardashian circa 2008.

Between her boob augmentation, hair extensions, teeth whitening, tanning, and clothing purchases, Leeson has spent over $30,000 in her pursuit of being a professional impersonator of the reality TV superstar. And although she has made some cash in her endeavor, she is now struggling to pay back $10,000 worth of debt, which would make most people rethink their life decisions and mental stability.

But Leeson clearly doesn’t give a damn; she's proud to be a Kim K look-alike.

Her next move is to undergo fat transfers to her ass in order to attain the iconic Kardashian booty.

Yes, it's equal parts scary and ridiculous, but at least she's not bat-shit crazy Belieber



[via Elite Daily]

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