Streetwear used to exist within strict parameters. While the definition may never have been fixed, the aesthetic and attitude has always been fluid, allowing it to adapt and last since it was first born in the late-'80s. Menswear, on the other hand, has been around in its modern form for nearly 200 years. As opposed to steetwear, this is a category that has always been more about tradition and rules. Today's iteration of menswear is still about those rules, only dudes are now concerned more with adding their own personality into the manner of dress. These two entities used to exist at opposite ends of the spectrum of men's style, but each has broken down the constrictions that once defined the borders of menswear and streetwear.  

By now, the line in the sand that once existed has all but been obliterated. Guys are mixing and matching the two once mutually exclusive worlds, and some of the dopest looks you see out there are executed by following this path. Numerous shops around the world are stocking brands that represent both worlds to give guys this option. However, there are brands out there whose entire M.O. is to strike a balance between the ends of the spectrum. More and more names are getting on board, but these guys are doing it the best. These are 10 Brands That Blur the Line Between Streetwear and Menswear.