AXS Folk Technology has the most ridiculous name, but we always talk about that, so let's just give it, like, half a bar and move onto to this white bucket hat. Do you guys remember when white parties were v poppington? I remember every summer there would always be a certain Lord Strugington who would throw a white party at Strug Manor and I remember I would never respect the dress code because FUCK YOU, MAN. DON'T INVITE ME TO A PARTY AND THEN SET A BUNCH OF COMPLETELY ARBITRARY RULES. That's, like, the antithesis of a party, my guy. But JUST let's say someone decided to throw a white party today in a basic "I love the '00s" type maneuver. I still wouldn't dress like a human shaped brick of cocaine because the only thing worse than earnestly enforcing party dress codes is ironically enforcing them, but I would wear what I always wear along with this blanco bucket. At first, the host wouldn't be too into me attending and might even regret floating ya boy the invite, but then I'd put Christina Aguilera's Spanish language album on and he'd realize I'm essential to getting any poop part poppin'.