Black Scale's collaborative collection with FTC (For the City) is deeply rooted in satanism. That's right. They took the dark themes to a whole new level with this delivery, drawing inspiration from the founder of the Church of Satan and the author of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey

The collection will include T-shirts and hats with either dark imagery or a mix of both Black Scale and FTC's branding.

Black Scale posted a brief message to its site, explaining its devilish choice in themes.

The message reads:

"San Francisco has a rich history and we could've picked something more predictable but we went with something that the audience wouldn't expect when you think of a Black Scale x FTC collaboration. Black Scale posted to its site This collaboration is very special to us and being able to collaborate with one of the original skate shops from San Francisco is one for the books."

Black Scale and FTC put together a spooky visual, equipped with occult images and models to highlight a few of the pieces within the new collection. 

The collection is available now at FTC San Francisco, FTC Tokyo, and online at

[via Black Scale]