Bazar-14 came out the gate strong when it debuted with its spring/summer 2014 collection earlier this year. By that point, menswear brands had been doing its best rendition of sportswear. But designer Aaron Tubb managed to keep things interesting and lead the pack of brands blending progressive elements with a core sportswear vision. The fall/winter 2014 collection only continues this mission.

Brighton-born Tubb knew he wanted to start a brand like Bazar-14 even before graduating from London’s University of Westminster. The name came after he stumbled upon a vintage boutique on Rue de Bretagne in Paris while interning for Givenchy. "I like the ambiguity of the collection," he told in December 2013. I wanted a name that didn’t mean anything to anyone except to me. I wanted to do something different, something rather mysterious, and something with real integrity to it. Maybe something a bit perverse.” 

The luxe sportswear brand, already heavily co-signed by A$AP Rocky, is deeply rooted in Russian culture, taking design inspiration from the country's youth and subcultures. Most of the garments have thought-provoking images and graphics as well as typography of the Russian language. We saw it in spring/summer 2014, and we're happy to see the theme return for the upcoming season, alongside fragmented imagery that complements the text. Crewneck sweatshirts, T-shirts, a paneled long sleeve, scarf, and sweatpants mix all three elements seamlessly. If you're looking to stand out and make a statement, this is where you start. 

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