A really good friend of mine that has really good taste (i.e. better taste than me) is not down with half-zips like this A.P.C. joint. And I'm always like "LOLZ ME TOO, BRO," but secretly I'm kinda freaking out because I actually like some zip details on sweaters. Just like when you’'e a little kid and someone cool at the lunch table says, "Ew, bologna is so gross!" and you gotta be all, "Yeah, totally, gross," despite the fact that there's a fucking narc ass bologna sandwich in your lunchbag and you're hungry af and you actually like bologna. Anyways, I would totally wear this on some fancy Tour de France, rich European tourist vibes. Pair it with some Spring Courts and washed out jeans and you'll look like an awesome '80s cyclist on vacation in Antwerp. Wear a tiny leather fanny pack filled with cocaine and pain killers to complete the look.