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The current stock of emojis on your phone will only get you so far in this world. The good news is that the Hi-Art app for iOS is now available to take your conversations to the next level. The "curated chat sticker app" features larger emojis than the smileys that you're used to, each of which was created in collaboration with artists, musicians, and celebrities including Ron English, Todd James, Ghostface Killah, Jason Derulo, Stephen Powers, Claw Money, Seventh Letter, Ewok One, Curtis Kulig, and others. 

"Never before has this level of creativity been able to be used in text conversations in such a seamless way," says Hi-Art founder Nico Dios (of the IRAK graffiti crew) in a press release. Finding that the crop of available icons "did not adequately represent youth culture," Dios and his team used their experience in graffiti, art, music, and skateboarding to fill the void. 

There are over 1,000 stickers on the app that can be posted directly into SMS text windows, iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Head to the iTunes App Store to download Hi-Art for free.

Image via GhostfaceKillah on Twitter