Dogs, 1984-85 at Antioch High School was so turbo. It basically looked exactly like The Karate Kid. Side note: I plan on circulating an Internet rumor that Ernie Reyes Jr. was supposed to get the role of Daniel, but studio execs replaced him last minute with Ralph Macchio just like they did Bruce Lee with David Carradine.

If you never watched an episode of Sidekicks before, you ain't shit. You're all, like, 15 years old and don't know an existence that included adjusting the tracking on a VHS tape or putting scotch tape over the anti-privacy tab on movies from Blockbuster. Y'all motherfuckers probably never even switched Showgirls into Executive Decision in an elaborate Oceans meets forever alone status scheme just so you could pay $3.99 to see Jessie Spano's tits. So, I guess you probably didn't understand any of those references.

Anyways, this video features interviews with students at Antioch H.S. about fashion. And, fuck, high schoolers are terrible. Spitting water on girls because they have dope Madonna style hair? THAT IS SOME FUCKED UP SHIT. Sorry to those kids with the cool haircuts and shit. I would've totally smoked some cloves with you and drank black coffee and damned the fucking man. Looking past the glaring evidence that the American High School Experience™ has been a freakishly similar experience to the Stanford prison experiment, let's meet some of amazing characters in this video.