Shop: 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco

Beginning her career in the 1980s as a hand-poker on the streets of London, Roxx has grown into one of the most progressive and sought-after tattooers in the world. Her simple and geometric blackwork tattoos refuse to treat the body as a canvas for an image, but rather as a free-flowing form. Her unparalleled attention to anatomy results in organic tattoos that blend into the body’s form, custom designed for the individual musculature and anatomy of each wearer. Often, a single tattoo will span multiple limbs–arms and chest, arms and back, entire legs–as if permeating the body.

Despite the precision of her tattoos, Roxx does not use stencils. To create her tattoos, Roxx performs in-depth consultations with each client, taking photographs of his or her body, later drawing on a tattoo freehand. “It’s all down to lines and forms and curves now, and the simplicity of how you put them together. It’s back to graphic design.” Her multifaceted inspirations–from tribal work to graphic design to street art–result in works that are not dateable. Instead, the profound delicacy of her lines, while immediately recognizable as Roxx tattoos, have a timeless beauty that will redefine the ways the tribal aesthetic is reinterpreted in the future.