Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga, and other vaunted fashion houses are some of the most recognized and coveted luxury brands around the world. These names are synonymous with the glamor and exclusivity of the high-fashion world, but they are mostly known as labels. Behind the collections that parade down the runway and fly off of store shelves are teams of men and women who create each masterpiece. And leading each team is a creative director who brings a vision and execution as only he or she could. 

The brand name on a garment's label is still the most consumer-facing identity, but the creative directors behind the scenes are the true captains of the ship. These days, a high-end designer's name can be as commonly heard as the fashion house they work for, but we're here to connect the dots. If you're a fan of high-fashion, then more than a few of these names will be familiar, but if you're just starting out, read on for a tutorial of 10 High Fashion Creative Directors You Need to Know