Athens-based architect Ioannis Exarchou has converted a 100-year-old Greek stable on Tinos Island into a quaint and rustic vacation home. This project is part of a larger case study on how derelict or abandoned structures can be rehabilitated.

“The traditional stone-made buildings offer a great lesson in architecture, they have a unique human scale, and they integrate into the landscape with a low impact to the environment,” the architect said. “My main objective was to retain and preserve the cavernous unique feeling of the space. The design’s objective was to create a summer retreat for two with a minimum cost.”

The architect installed a concrete countertop with a sink in the rear of the kitchen and a wooden seating area along the opposite wall. He smoothed over the walls with white plaster and covered the floors with colored concrete. He also constructed an open shower adjacent to the bathroom. Below the main floor is a combined bedroom/living room area. From the windows in this room, guests can take in views of the courtyard, the valley, and the surrounding mountains.

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[via Dezeen]