The 1990s gave birth to many things we’d rather forget about: The Clinton scandal, dial-up Internet, Limp Bizkit. But there’s no denying that the decade resulted in some of the freshest clothes that continue to maintain appeal among contemporary styles and trends.

To prove this point, look no further than Tried + True’s spring/summer 2014 “Comeback Kids” lookbook.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, the famed '90s vintage shop has put together a retro shoot that showcases an assortment of sick throwback looks from its carefully curated collection—complete with vintage staples like graphic button-ups and Tommy Hilfiger windbreakers.

If you’re in the L.A. area and have a taste for nostalgic threads, stop by Tried + True on Fairfax Avenue, or check out the boutique's online store for select merchandise.

[via Hypebeast]